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PAWCast Episode 2: Why Mentorship Matters

When you’re in the middle of a storm, in survival mode, it can be difficult to see where to go. The wisdom a mentorship program can bring is an exceptionally helpful tool to help guide people in all types of industries, so why haven’t we seen a full integration of these programs in the veterinary…

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PAWCast Episode 1: A Call To Action

It’s time to get out of the hurricane. Today begins the revolutionary change our industry needs. Join Dr. Carlo Riolo and Ben Glascock in the PAWCast as they tackle some of the biggest issues in our industry. Learn, adapt and improve tools for your own practice. If you’re tired of the “same old” veterinary practice, this podcast…

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Happy New Year from PAW

See ya 2017! Happy New Year!  We here at PAW hope that 2017 was one of your best years yet.  If it wasn’t, let us be among the first to wish you good luck in 2018.  As we celebrate the New Year, it’s difficult not to look back at the past 365 days and reflect…

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8 Tick Preventatives You Should Know About

If you’re a caregiver in the state of Wisconsin you have likely been informed about flea and tick preventative at some point.  Maybe you’ve seen a commercial for one, or come across another on the shelf at the Wal-mart, or even shopped for them online, but do you really know which one is best for…

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Tick-ducation 101

Tick-ducation 101   The Basics If you live in Wisconsin you’re probably all too familiar with these pesky little creatures called ticks. If you’re not familiar with them, let us fill you in. They suck! Literally, they feed on blood from a host animal. They can be found in wooded areas, areas with tall grass,…

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How to Beat the Heat with Your Furry Friend

How to Beat the Heat with Your Furry Friend On June 20th we will celebrate the official start of the summer season and there will be many different opportunities to enjoy the sunshine.  From barbeques to trips to the park to walks around the block, it’s even more enjoyable with your furry friend by your…

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Getting to Know Us

If you’ve ever driven along I-39 between Mosinee and Wausau you’ve probably seen us off of the highway.  My guess is you’ve probably had thoughts along the lines of, “is that place even open?” or, “I never see any cars there.”  Well, if you’re driving that road on a Monday through Thursday, between the hours…

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Service Dog

The linked form is intended to identify service dogs located within the northern Wisconsin area. Our goal is to establish a database and working relationship with each service dog and handler. Should anything happen to the handler, we will have necessary information to act on behalf of the service dog during a time of emergency.

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