Patient Services

In this section you will find services offered through PAW Health to benefit caregivers and patients in our local community.

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High Tail Massage

Sports, Swedish, Touch

Canine massage focuses on the entire patient rather than focusing on one specific area of discomfort.

While massage therapy can be a helpful tool in maintaining overall health and vigor of your pet, it is not a replacement for regular veterinary care.

Along with regular veterinary visits, canine massage is a proactive therapy that addresses both current ailments and the future health of your beloved pet.


Service Dog Registry

The Registry Form is intended to identify service dogs located within the northern Wisconsin area. You can pick this form up at our office or email/call and request that one be mailed to you.

Our goal is to establish a database and a working relationship with each service dog and handler. Should anything happen to the handler, we will have necessary information to act on behalf of the service dog during a time of emergency.

We will also pair with coordinators within each county to help during times of emergency.


Blood Donor Program

Our Blood Donor Program has been providing blood products to animals in need for almost a full 10 years. The program started out small, loosely organized, and primarily using employee pets for critical life-saving transfusions.

With the influence of veterinarians and technicians within our organization, PAW Health has evolved the blood donor program into a structured service which allows the Animal Emergency Center to supply blood products every day.

Using a local human blood bank, each of our canine donations is processed much like human blood products. All whole blood (which is acquired from each patient) is spun down into Fresh Frozen Plasma and Packed Red Blood Cells. In doing so, we reduce wastage with each donation and make each blood product go the extra mile.


Performance & Play

We're currently updating these services. 


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