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Day One Ready | Resources For Vet Students | PAWCast Episode 49 | Veterinary Podcast

March 02, 2021

A common idea being utilized in veterinary schools is the concept of graduating students that are “day one ready.” Although it is a great sentiment, some details of what it actually means to be day one ready have been ill defined or missed entirely.

So what does it actually mean to be day one ready? What are the expectations of clinic owners of those recently graduated? How much knowledge do you have to have at the ready to walk into a consultation with your clients? What skills do you need to be a productive member of the team? How will you succeed?

In this episode of the PAWCast, Tuesdays with Caroline edition, we explore the concept of being day one ready, and how the only thing that is necessary to succeed in your first days, weeks and months, is a great mindset. Knowing how to learn and trusting the process of improving your abilities each day is equally if not more important than the didactic knowledge you obtained in vet school.

Primarily though, it’s about setting the standards between you and your employer. What are you expecting in terms of education and a reasonable start up timeframe. How will questions be received in the clinical setting? What deliberate steps will be taken to ensure a base level skill set to be built upon. The early days of a career in veterinary medicine can be very chaotic. What will you and your team do to make order out of the chaos?

What are you seeking out of your employer as a veterinary professional? Let us know in the comments!

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