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COVID-19 Has Changed The Game | PAWCast 41 | Veterinary Podcast

December 09, 2020

COVID-19 has had a significant negative impact on millions of people. It is not something anyone wanted to have happen and it’s negative effects should not be minimized.

However, there has been an interesting shift in the mindset and buying behavior of our clients since the inception of the pandemic. Folks that are typically not accepting of ideas that are new and different are being forced into welcoming change in everything they do.

With that change in mindset, we see that as an opportunity to adopt change into your clinic, especially in two specific ways.

One is going to be adoption of a triage based model in your practice. COVID has created a necessity for people to limit any and all barriers to income generation. This makes the ‘schedule’ based harder to implement for the sake of the patient. Clinics around us are books two to four weeks out, which has swelled our same day case load significantly. If clinics are able to increase availability, clients are almost certainly sure to be grateful and more willing to provide care for their patients.

Two is the implementation of a standard patient separation protocol. First, if you elect a triage based system, this is a protocol that is necessary to ensure proper medical monitoring. However, the necessity of curbside care has opened the door to the idea of speaking with clients without them holding their patients and simply not paying attention. We integrated patient separation years ago and have seen that consultations are more effective and treatment plan compliance is significantly higher. It is also more effective for the learning of new staff, and less stressful for the overwhelming majority of patients that receive care are our clinic.

Do you see yourself realizing this opportunity for change, or are you excited to get back to the way things were? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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