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How to be Accountable to the Patient | PAWCast 11 | Veterinary Podcast

September 20, 2019

This episode, along with episodes 9 & 10 are RACE approved CE.

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Accountability can be difficult person to person. It becomes even more difficult when we need to be accountable to an animal patient.

That means that we need specific processes to hold ourselves accountable to the results that occur in clinic both on a medical basis, but also in the effective implementation of processes. Insert our Case Review process, the topic of discussion on this week’s PAWCast.

The Case Review is how we work with our staff on individual advancement in the event that issues arise. Rooted in forgiveness, we work hand in hand with our team members to make sure that problems are addressed and treated as learning opportunities, not just opportunities to reprimand.

See the full Case Review process here

Resource of the Week: Traction by Gino Wickman. This book is all about creating accountability within your team focused on solving issues and creating advancement. Our case review process is an iteration of the principles taught within this book, and we highly recommend that you check it out!

The PAWCast is a semi-weekly veterinary podcast devoted to sharing the ideas of how to be a force of change in the veterinary profession. Those who will find this content helpful will be those who appreciate and wish to implement change for the better in their professional lives. These skills and techniques can be applied at any level of experience or influence, and are the things that have led PAW Health Network to over 250% growth in 3 years. Our industry needs help, and you are the force of change. Let us show you how.