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It’s Never Too Early To Make A Difference feat. Thomas Kile | PAWCast 69 | Veterinary Podcast

August 05, 2021

We have known the entire time that we weren’t the only one’s trying to be the force of change in veterinary medicine, and thanks to the power of the internet, we were able to connect with Thomas Kile, a veterinary student from Washington State University to discuss his path and how he has gotten deeply involved in the VBMA. Thomas shares a similar goal of making a real difference in veterinary medicine, so we hope you enjoy our conversation.

If you are interested in Thomas’ podcasts, you can check them out here:
VBMA Podcast feat. Dr. Carlo Riolo
Wild Encounters Podcast

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The PAWCast is a semi-weekly veterinary podcast devoted to sharing the ideas of how to be a force of change in the veterinary profession. Those who will find this content helpful will be those who appreciate and wish to implement change for the better in their professional lives. These skills and techniques can be applied at any level of experience or influence, and are the things that have led PAW Health Network to over 250% growth in 3 years. Our industry needs help, and you are the force of change. Let us show you how.
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