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Struggling With Insecurity | Resources for Vet Students | PAWCast Episode 47 | Veterinary Podcast

February 09, 2021

“Will I be good enough in the clinic? I struggle with comparing myself to my classmates as I have very little experience in clinics and am not as experienced as them.”

This question is one that lives in the heads of almost every veterinary student we have the opportunity to interact with. It seems like no matter what the situation, they believe they are completely behind their peers. In reality, the arduous process of simply getting into vet school is one that proves that you are a massive distance in front of the crowd. There might be 100 people near you, but there are thousands behind you. Hold your head high. You’ve earned it.

In this episode of the PAWCast, we are blessed to have our now new FULL TIME veterinarian Dr. Caroline Rauschendorfer join us in the studio as we discuss the struggle of insecurity as a vet student and in practice. We discuss how the education system has shifted away from one that is purpose driven to one that is power driven, how to take as much control as you can given a less than ideal circumstance, training your mind and body on how to handle struggle and suffering and maintaining your patience while you learn and grow.

Primarily though, if you’re worried about comparing yourself to others in vet school, f*** em. Focus on improving yourself a little bit from who you were yesterday and over time, you will be far better than if you concern yourself with catching your ‘competition.’

How do you compare yourself to others? Do you find it helpful? What do you do to control your expectations of yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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