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The Veterinary Night Life | PAWCast 67 | Veterinary Podcast

July 22, 2021

Working the overnights as a veterinarian can be a tall task. You’re typically one of very few, if not the only vet on shift within a hundred mile radius. You’re only seeing critical and urgent care patients. You have to perform surgeries and attend to hospitalized patients with a high degree of both efficiency and accuracy. And you almost always have to do it while your clients wish they didn’t have such a long wait time.

In short, the veterinary night lift is not an easy one. It’s no wonder that so many veterinary professionals prefer to work during daylight hours.

So, for the crazy few that are attracted to the role, what keeps them coming back? Do they see great purpose in what they do or are they just gluttons for punishment. To find out, we have Dr. Rheannon Burris join us to discuss the last year of her time as an overnight veterinarian and how it has taken her from being a baby doctor to a true veterinary professional.

This is Dr. Burris’ second appearance on the PAWCast. Check out her post-externship PAWCast here

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