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Accountability Resources | Organization Chart

Now that we’ve talked about defining accountability and assigning accountability and creating accountability, the last step is to actually talk about our accountability resources. The accountability resources are communication tools to help facilitate a deliberate process of collaboration between members of the team at any level of any role of any position.

And to start out with our first accountability resource, it’s actually our organization’s structural chart. When you talk about an organizational structure, it’s really a tool to help identify communication pathways.

And here at PAW Health we actually talk about what’s referred to as an inverted org chart. So when we talk about PAW Health’s organizational chart is that are inverted org chart actually puts all administration, it puts all leadership at the bottom of this pyramid. It’s not hierarchy. It’s actually a system built on growth. You should know who you can talk to so they can help you grow. You need to know it’s a system that’s built on support because who’s supporting you in your role?

Who are the people that are supposed to help you succeed? Who are the people that are supposed to help you identify when accountable events occur and actually help you work through the process of ownership and direct you towards being a creator and not allowing yourself to be a victim and having the power to make change.

So to look at our organizational chart, that really is the first tool because it identifies who the people are.

What roles do these people have and how are they going to help you succeed?