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Core Value | Accountability

The last core value and the one that we probably talk about the most is going to be accountability.

In order for us to fulfill accountability, we first need to recognize that the previous core values that we have discussed, trust, respect and unity all need to play a part in fulfilling accountability.

We all have to be here to serve the patient and when we miss on that, we have to be accountable to our actions.

It’s what holds the entire process together. All of these things hinge upon our individual capability of being accountable to each other and being accountable to the patient.

For us, it’s an opportunity to learn and to grow.

We all want to get better because why are we here, to serve the patient. If we can do that better, even if that means learning through our failed expectations, that still means we’re getting better.

And that’s that’s the key of accountability. It’s not that we have to perform one hundred percent top notch every single time. We just have to be willing to grow. We just have to be willing to be accountable to a problem. We just have to be accountable to our shortcomings, because the more we are accountable to ourselves as individuals, the more we can be accountable to each other and the more we can be accountable to our patients.

And as we start to take on more accountability and understand that we are just here to grow, we are just here to learn together, then we start to gain the trust of our team, then it becomes easier for us to respect each other and respect caregivers.

It also becomes much simpler for us to maintain unity in the long run.

It’s not easy. In most circumstances, it’s probably the most difficult core value and we have created a lot of tools to help the individuals learn what does it actually mean to be accountable.

The tools that we have helped set the stage for reality and then allow for additional supporters to come in and help fulfill the process as has been deemed fit. So whether that be a change in, administrative process or whether that supplemental tools to individually help you, we have those all there and individuals to help you with that.

But again, our core values are about how can we serve the patient better? So when you are here at PAW Health, our expectation is that you’re ready to engage those accountability processes and when you have failed expectations on your piece and implement a solution.

Accountability is what holds us together. It is what keeps us focused on the task at hand as it relates to our own influence on those tasks.