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Core Value | Respect

So diving into the next core value we have, respect and so respect again is two ways. It’s respecting our team members, but it’s also respecting caregivers.

Really, what respect is rooted in is essentially not being judgmental and understanding that everyone comes from so many different walks of life.

So when we start talking about respecting each other, respecting caregivers in our industry, specifically talking about the bond spectrum alignment, how does the caregiver define their definition to their patient?

For example, if we have a caregiver that bonds quite high on the spectrum, we need to recognize that going into communications with this caregiver, they’re going to require additional information. They’re going to need to know expansions as to why we’re doing these things. And then on the other side, if we have a caregiver that bonds somewhat lower on the spectrum, we need to recognize that they’re still here for the same reason. They still want their patient to be treated.

They just may not be willing to go to the full extent that someone who bonds higher on the spectrum may be willing to do.

Respecting each other and respecting the caregiver is just acknowledging that we all have differences and that even though we have those differences and even though we have individuality and actually encourage individuality, is that respect for each other and respect the caregiver ultimately means that we are still all here to serve the patient.

Caregivers coming into our facility are going to come with all different levels of skill level. Sometimes we have caregivers who are from within the veterinary industry or from the human medical side, or just have had patients for a long time in their life and so have more of a depth of knowledge as to what’s going on.

And what we have to do is we have to walk into each engagement with a caregiver respecting the fact that they are a part of the care team. So the more that we can respect anyone’s position, whether it’s on bond spectrum or intelligence or communication style, all of the variables that are included in bringing the caregiver into the care team, we have to respect those variables and we have to acknowledge that everyone is coming from a different place and be ready to engage that place in an effective way.

And not just the caregivers, it’s also within the team. So if you have a veterinarian that defines the human animal bond spectrum one way versus a caregiver support staff, that defines it a different way, we have to extend out that even if someone defines their human animal bond differently, it doesn’t mean that they have any less care in servitude.

Each of us individually will align on that spectrum in a different area. Once we can develop that recognition, we can use that as a tool or in addition to additional tools that we have, such as the after action review, to be able to have a shared reality in that we are different in that regard and we can start to build upon from there. So respect is actually a pretty unique core value. Having respect within our core values focuses heavy upon maintaining sort of that lack of judgment for one another and actually increasing the amount of respect we have for each other and for caregivers.