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Core Value | Trust

Serving the patient and educating the caregiver are the two fundamentals to our process, but to give that context and to really expand upon the idea of how do we serve the patient and how do we educate the caregiver, it comes down to core values.

So we have four core values at PAW Health, trust, respect, unity and accountability.

The first one that we’re going to start with is trust. Now that you are a part of the PAW Health team, you have already been granted the trust of our team.

There’s actually two parts to trust. There’s giving trust and there’s gaining trust. So you give trust by coming into our organization anticipating that everyone else on the team also has that shared purpose. They’re all here for that same reason.

You give trust that the people you work with, if they may not know how to do something, they’re going to be asking for help. If they need assistance with a task, they’re going to be asking for help.

And at any point where you feel like you are struggling or you are unsure of how to perform a task, feel free to hold up the stop sign and ask for help.

The way you gain trust within the team is by asking questions when you don’t know how to do something. And being open about that and honest. There’s a certain amount of vulnerability in asking for help or admitting you may not be competent in one particular task.

So should you ever feel like you are unsure of how to perform a task, or if you just want someone to keep an eye as you go forward in it, just feel free to ask for help. That’ll help build up that trust within the team itself.

Any time that you have the opportunity to specifically illustrate that you are here to serve the patient, you realize that opportunity as much as you can. This can be done through communication. It can be done through effective work patterns. It can be done through showing up 15 minutes early to making making sure that your rounding is effective and useful for each patient that’s here. What this core value does again is it dictates how we serve the patient and we are going to give trust to those that are on our team and we are going to gain the trust of those that surround us as well.