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Core Value | Unity

Where we talk about giving and gaining trust and respecting each other and respecting caregivers only naturally should we then talk about unity.

Within unity we have create unity, but also maintain unity. The way that I like to describe these is that create unity is going to be a proactive approach and maintain unity is a reactive approach.

When we look at how we create that unity, right from the moment that we start to interact with caregivers, even by phone to when they do present to our organization is by upholding the concept, upholding the idea that we are here to unify with them and respect, have mutual respect and really give and gain trust so that we can serve their patient.

Looking to develop a team that does look to respect each other, that does trust each other, will build upon that unified team. Once we all recognize that and put that in the forefront of why we do, each and every task is to serve the patient, educate the caregiver, we then are moving forward as a unified team.

And what do we mean by maintain unity? Well, that means that any time that a problem arises or we have an opportunity to work together, to collaborate, we’re going to lean in and we’re going to say, yes, I want to do that.

When there’s conflict with caregivers, because, again, the two biggest problems we have in our industry is unnecessary conflict and inefficient process.

Many of the people that we come across on a day to day, we also don’t know what’s happening in their personal lives. We don’t know what is stressing them out financially or individually. It’s actually being respectful of that so that we can maintain unity, because as soon as we lose unity with the caregivers, we can no longer serve the patient.

We then look to after an event potentially has occurred to utilize some of our resources and additional core values to reunify the team around our shared purpose, to serve the patient.

We’re going to put our best foot forward to maintain the unity of the team. That means analyzing the environment that’s around you every day and seeing where potential problems may surface in the future and electing to bring that up and bring a solution to the table.