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Education System | ADvanced Insights Profile

At the beginning of PAW Health, we made the decision that we would allow people to be themselves within our culture and that we wouldn’t squeeze people into being someone that they aren’t. Knowing that we couldn’t concede on what defines PAW Health in our shared purpose, in our core values, we had to find a way to have both individuality and also a shared path forward.

That desire for balance brought us to the ADVanced Insights profile. This was actually something that you completed during your application process, and it allows us a look into who you are, as well as how we can best integrate you into the team and maximize your strengths in the long run. Within the ADVanced Insights profile, there are going to be a number of different data points, but they’re broken out into three separate categories.

First is going to be the DISC Index. This is going to explain to us how you tend or prefer to behave. It’s the surface level to how you tend to communicate and what people perceive out of you.

Second is the Values Index, which tells us why you are motivated to use your talents in a specific way.

Lastly, there’s the Attribute Index, which shows us what some of your natural talents are within decision making.

All in all, there’s about twenty-seven different data points that provide us a picture to understand you and who you are as an individual and how you are going to fit within our team. In this data there are no right or wrong answers. There is a place on our team for each type of person, pattern or profile, so long as we share the same purpose of serving the patient.

This data is used as a constant resource during your time here at PAW Health. At any point you can request a full debrief on all of this information to better understand yourself as well as your team fit.

In your growth plan it is used to analyze where you have been succeeding or maybe where you’ve been struggling. In an after action it is used to better understand the communication or conflict between two people and how they can learn to collaborate more effectively moving forward.

Simply put, we want you to be you. The more genuine you are to yourself and to the team, the more effective we are as a whole. The ADVanced Insights profile simply allows us the opportunity to better understand you, your place within the team and how we can collaborate more effectively in your career here at PAW Health.

If you would like a full debrief on your profile, you can request that through your senior accountability officer.