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The veterinary industry is dead, at least as we know it.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, but with that has come three big problems that impact the culture, talent and service provided by veterinary clinics. These problems have been reinforced by the education systems that are training the next generation, and the combination of the variables has led to a hurricane like state of our industry.

It’s time to get out of the hurricane and #MakeAnImpact

In this episode, we discuss the stats of veterinary medicine and the reality of the issues that face us each and every day, from day one of vet school through retirement.

#MakeAnImpact is all about using proven tools to create positive change within your scope of influence, creating a better workplace and improving the quality of patient care. These tools and resources can be implemented at any level of an organization by anyone in any position.

You can be the #ForceOfChange. Let PAW Health show you how.