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Shared Purpose | Serve The Patient, Educate The Caregiver

February 24, 2021

Shared Purpose | Serve The Patient, Educate The Caregiver

So what does it mean to serve the patient at the end of the day, the animals that come through our door are here for a service. They’re here for medical treatment. They’re here for surgical treatment or even routine and wellness care. So when we talk about serving the patient, it means that all of our processes, all of our procedures focus exclusively on what is best for the patient. The whole idea is that it is our job and it is our responsibility to the patient to make sure that they receive the highest level of care within the context of informed consent.

While we talk about our team dynamic, focusing a lot on our team and the internal components of our individuals within PAW, we also need to recognize that a member of our team is also external and that person is the caregiver. The person that brings the patient to our facility so that we can treat that patient. Remembering that they are a part of our team, helps us collectively adhere to these core values to maintain that consistency, not just internally with our team members, but also extending those externally to those caregivers who are bringing those patients in.

So what does it really mean to educate the caregiver? At the end of the day, we need to make sure that when caregivers bring patients to our organization and seek care for their patients, that we minimize the number of unanswered questions. In most circumstances, we have to answer questions that they aren’t even asking. And our responsibility as medical professionals is to establish informed consent.

We want to come forward with a plan. We want to come forward with options. Not necessarily making a decision on how those individuals elect care or elect diagnostics or elect procedures and there’s never a circumstance where we would ever judge a caregiver on what they elect or what they decline. Our goal is to educate the caregiver and show them what is the short term and long term care necessary so that collectively we can serve the patient.