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Industry Overview | Inefficient Process, Unnecessary Conflict

February 24, 2021

Industry Overview | Inefficient Process, Unnecessary Conflict

So when we think about the two biggest problems that we have in the veterinary industry, they can all be summed up by saying that we have inefficient process and unnecessary conflict here at PAW Health.

We have solutions to that in many different forms. But when we start to talk about some of the biggest issues we have within unnecessary conflict and inefficient process, we can solve many of them with culture and core values.

Culture and core values is a way for us as individuals to rally around the same idea, rally around the same cause.

And then everything that we do in the workplace is driven by that, driven by that intent and having the same ultimate goal within the veterinary practice and more importantly, within the veterinary industry.

So with the two biggest problems being inefficient process and unnecessary conflict, our two big resolutions for those problems are going to be serve the patient and educate the caregiver.