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It’s Not Just Another Job | PAWCast 66 | Veterinary Podcast

July 15, 2021

We know that there is a significant gap in between the demand for veterinary services and the availability of veterinary services. But, per the AVMA, we have a surplus of doctors in the profession (in small animal clinics), so that means that we have to look further.

It has been reported that there are .6 CVTs for every 1 DVM in the profession. CVTs, paired with uncertified medical staff, hereby referred to as MSS (Medical Support Staff) are the hands that every doctor uses to implement patient care. That means diagnostics, treatments, surgeries, vaccines, estimates… Basically everything that happens in a veterinary clinic has to go through the hands of the medical support team before anything happens.

That means that when there’s a lack of skilled workers to fulfill what is necessary, patient care suffers. So how do we get more people interested and involved in veterinary medicine?

We first have to make it more than just another job. To start that process, we have Molly Backlund and Autumn Krueger joining the PAWCast to discuss their in clinic roles and how essential support roles are in the veterinary setting.

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