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Recklessly Bold feat. Ashley Brazen | PAWCast 32 | Veterinary Podcast

February 27, 2020

Brazen: To be recklessly bold; daring.

This week on the PAWCast, we sit down with Ashley Brazen, a 4th year vet student from MSU, at PAW on a Tier III mentorship. We discuss her experience in clinic, in school and many of the ideas that she hopes to integrate into the practice she will be working at post-graduation.

All of the ideas discussed in this episode are reinforced with the resources we have on our website. If you are curious about the resources discussed in this podcast, you can find them here:

Curious about a mentorship experience for yourself? Send us an email!

Thank you to Ashley for sitting with us for this PAWCast, and thank you Michigan State CVM for crafting a great class of veterinarians.

Do you have questions, thoughts or ideas? Leave a comment and let us know!

The PAWCast is a semi-weekly veterinary podcast devoted to sharing the ideas of how to be a force of change in the veterinary profession. Those who will find this content helpful will be those who appreciate and wish to implement change for the better in their professional lives. These skills and techniques can be applied at any level of experience or influence, and are the things that have led PAW Health Network to over 250% growth in 3 years. Our industry needs help, and you are the force of change. Let us show you how.